Drop files to Encode

or click to upload

How its work

  1. First it will check whether the file is PHP or Zip
  2. Then if the file is PHP, it will encrypt the file and download it
  3. If the file is zipped it will drag it to the next page and select the generic files, then Press encrypt button
  4. If you are not logged in then you must login to encrypt files
  5. After logged in then you can download the encrypted files

Why We Use


I began to create this obfuscation tool in early 2014 for my own needs, especially for pH7CMSPro that had a licensing file which was unlocking some premium features if a valid license key was purchased by a client. In summer 2016, the Pro version of pH7CMS was discontinued, and realize there was no reason to keep this project private and I wanted to share it with others (hoping it will help them and save their time!). Feel free to add your improvements in it by forking the repo and creating a new PR. I will be pleased to review your contribution! FYI, in 3 years' time, I never found my obfuscated code unobfuscated (and the software was downloaded by over 50,000 users). You can be quite confident then.

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